• Travel With Purpose: Work Abroad With SWAP

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    Consider these three traveler’s tips when planning a working holiday:
    1. $ave your money! Most people earn enough to cover their costs while abroad, but if you plan to travel during your trip (and you should!), save your pennies while at home where you can control your costs
    2. Travel first, work second… don’t get hung up on finding work fast. Travel and enjoy your chosen destination first to get a feel for the areas you like best – THEN settle down and begin searching work options. You might make helpful friends and connections along the journey!
    3. Set yourself up for success: SWAP provides support and assistance finding your feet while abroad

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  • Travel with Purpose: Volunteer Abroad

    Volunteer Abroad

    Top 5 tips for maximizing your volunteer experience:
    1. Plan with plenty of lead time (6 months is perfect) to allow for fundraising
    2. Buff up on your destination! The more you know, the more the culture will make sense to you when you arrive
    3. Pick a placement that synergizes with your education and career aspirations
    4. Volunteer somewhere you can learn and practice a language
    5. Be safe: ensure you work with a program that provides training and support

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