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    Tanzania • Ghana • Nepal • Nicaragua • Costa Rica • Peru • Ecuador

    We’re all aware of poverty and difficult circumstances around the world and want to make a difference. We believe volunteering abroad can help make a positive international change!

    What Type of Work?

    Our volunteers have taught in schools, provided disaster relief support for the International Red Cross, conducted essential research to improve the management strategies of threatened environments, built homes for impoverished people, provided vocational training and programs for street kids and worked in co-operation with hundreds of local organizations to distribute aid and improve the quality of life for people throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America.

    Who Does It?

    Participants come from all types of backgrounds. Students have integrated their volunteering efforts into their curriculum, earning credits at their university, college or high school, while others have been professionals, new grads or recent retirees looking to take some time off and offer their skills and knowledge to those who need it.

    Placement Areas

    Health & Medical

    • Help in rural clinics or urban hospitals in a medical, research or administrative role
    • Teach first-aid, nutrition, HIV/AIDS awareness and basic health and hygiene


    • Teach English, math, science, art, sports, computers and music
    • Work in rural or inner-city schools
    • Help to run both academic and athletic after-school programs


    • Help out in local daycare centres and orphanages
    • Work with at-risk youth
    • Assist in drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs
    • Provide basic vocational training


    • Work on sanitation and potable water projects
    • Help build schools, parks and community centres in rural and urban areas
    • Help to build medical clinics in rural areas


    • Protect endangered sea turtles and other wildlife
    • Build trails, plant trees or work on organic farms
    • Gather environmental data and help to compile reports

    For complete placement information, costs and application details, visit the Volunteer Abroad website at www.volunteerabroad.ca or visit your local Travel CUTS shop.

  • This Month’s Featured Trip

    Ghana Abroad

    Teaching in Ghana

    8 weeks. Many dates available.

    Teaching children ages 4 to 16 years of age to read and write.

    CDN$, per person.