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    International Student Identity Card

    The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is the essential discount card designed for full-time students. Each year, more than 4.5 million students worldwide get the ISIC for access to over 40,000 student discounts and benefits in 120 countries. Save at home and abroad on travel, accommodation, food and drink, entertainment, admissions to museums and cultural attractions, retail purchases and more.

  • Benefits

    ISIC Card

    Deals & Discounts
    Besides the many travel related deals we bring you, click over and check out the ISIC website for discounts available worldwide, or download the ISIC app for your iPhone or Android device.

    Help Line
    Need advice on health and visa requirements? Have a legal or health emergency arise while you're on the road? Call the Help Line collect at +44 20 8762 8110, a free 24-hour travel telephone service available exclusively to ISIC holders.

    Use your ISIC to stay in touch with family and friends when you're on the road. ISIConnect is the complete communications solution for travellers. Get an international cell phone, SIM card or phonecard and enjoy low-cost calling as you travel. Each service is pre-paid and easy to recharge as you go. To find out more about ISIConnect click here.

    Connections to International Student Service Organizations
    An ISIC gives you access to the over 120 student service organizations that form the ISIC Association. They'll provide you with information about local ISIC discounts and services.

  • About ISIC

    The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) Association is a member of the World Youth Student and Educational Travel Confederation (WYSE Travel Confederation), a not-for-profit organization which brings together world-leading specialists in student and youth travel services.

    The ISIC Association's main product is the ISIC card, the only internationally accepted proof of full-time student status. It is endorsed by organizations such as UNESCO, the European Council on Culture and the Andean Community of Nations. The card is recognized by universities, academic institutions, student organizations, national governments and ministries of education around the world.

  • Not a Student (Anymore)?

    Anyone aged 25 or under can get an International Youth Travel Card (IYTC), which offers many of the same benefits as the ISIC. Or if you're now working as a full-time teacher or professor, you can enjoy teacher discounts with the International Teacher Identity Card (ITIC).

    Get your IYTC or ITIC today for access to countless benefits and savings at home and abroad!

  • How to Apply

    If you are a full-time student residing in Canada who is at least 12 years of age and attend a recognized secondary or post-secondary institution, then click here to get your ISIC. 

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