• Best AirFare Price Guarantee

    It's easy...

    1. Get a written price quote* for a flight you want.
    2. Drop in and give one of our agents the details of that flight.
    3. We’ll search for it and if available, give you our best price for your requested flight.
    4. If the price we get for your requested flight isn’t equal to or below the written quote you already have, just present your price quote* and we will match it.

    We might even find you a better value flight with better connections or more flexible change fees – we’ll be happy to book that for you instead.

    A few details:

    *The price quote must be presented before confirming the booking with us and it must be from other Canadian travel agencies, airlines or Canadian registered businesses and websites (.ca). Quoted prices must include all appropriate taxes and surcharges.

    Our Best Airfare Price Guarantee applies to airfares that originate in/depart from Canada quoted in Canadian Dollars. The identical fare quote (same carrier, same booking class, same number of passengers, same terms and conditions, same itinerary, date and time) must be in writing and still available to book when you come in to see us.

    What doesn’t count? Air Fares available due to membership in a specific organization or group or corporate entity or airfares associated with a group booking. If your best price quote is from our website, TravelCUTS.ca, you must book it there.

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